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I want to bring an experience of both abstract and realism to the table, to see things as they have never been seen before so that someone can rediscover a moment through my painting.

I am based in Anchorage, Alaska,

but my roots began in Nairobi, Kenya.

As a young child I experienced African safaris, marveled at the wildlife and landscapes from the back of a van as it bounced down the dirt roads that meandered through Kenya’s national parks. Sketching along those turbulent roads is where my journey with art began. Catching chameleons and having monkeys visit the trees in my backyard seemed commonplace. Documenting the natural world around through art became an obsession. 


The work I create has continued to be influenced by natural surroundings, my time in Alaska proving to be no different. My interests in subjects vary from landscape to portraiture and I am always looking for ways to implement the things I learn together in future paintings.